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Westfalia T3 Top Joker 


The 1985 / 1986 Volkswagen Watercooled T25 / T3 Westfalia Top Joker Model History.

Information about this model is very scarce. I have found some information on various forums and also from an internal Westfalia staff newsletter that is available to download at the bottom of this page.

It would seem that in 1986 model year Westfalia made a limited edition model to celebrate their 35th anniversary. This model was limited to 250 vehicles and was called the Westfalia Top Joker. This model was possibly only available to employees and retired staff.

The specification and price was somewhere between the equivalent Westfalia Joker and Club Joker of that period.

From VW EKTA documentation it is mentioned that the small metal conversion plate (that is on the front face of the rear seat) would have the designation of 216 095 (Build Date 08/85 till 07/86) for a Westfalia Top Joker with hightop roof.  216 means its a T3 and 095 means its a hightop roof.

  Note that 216 095 is also the designation for the Joker high roof version (Build Date 08/84 till 07/85)  so the Top Joker does not have a unique number. The internal staff newletter mentions that the base model is the Joker 1 Poptop with additional equipment as standard.

For the Westfalia Poptop Top Joker version it has been seen that they have the designation of 216 094 (Build Date 08/85 till 07/86).  216 means its a T3 and 094 means its a poptop roof. Note that 216 094 is also the designation for the Joker high roof version (Build Date 08/84 till 07/85)  so the Top Joker does not have a unique number.

For both the poptop and hightop versions 216 094 and 216 095 the year letter on the metal plate could be significant - F=1985 and G= 1986. So if it is G (1986) then it is very likely to be a Top Joker model as the Joker model stopped using the designation 216 094 and 216 095 in 07/1985.

However this is further complicated by the fact the 216 094 and 216 095 (Build Date 08/84 till 07/86) was also used for Joker models that were exported to Austria, France and Italy.

If you have any further photos, price lists, sales brochures or information please send them to me and I will update the site accordingly.

Note also that the side stripes and logos are currently being sold on ebay so it is possible that if you see a bus with Top Joker logos it may not be genuine!


1) Watercooled 1986 VW Westfalia Top Joker engine options and approx price (inclusive tax when new in standard form):

Prices are from employee brochure dated 18/04/86. Prices are in German Deutschmark:

for 2,1l WBX with DJ 112 PS / 82 KW and 5 speed gearbox:

22595,91 DM Base Model

12041,99 DM Top-Joker Fittings from Westfalia

9339,00 DM Paint "Rubinrot"

43976,90 DM

for 1.6 TD  with 70 PS / and 4 speed gearbox:

22527,94 DM Base Model

12112,58 DM Top-Joker Fittings from Westfalia

9339,00 DM Paint "Rubinrot"

43979,52 DM

2) 1986 Volkswagen Westfalia Top Joker Colour Options

The VW Westfalia Top Joker was available in 1986 in 1 exterior colour:

L36Q Rot (Red) This was VW / Audi red available from 1975. As far as I know this red was not used on any other T25 / T3 model. Maybe VW had some left over and decided to use it up ;-) The employee brochure mentions “Rubinrot” Ruby red and this is actually referring to the RAL code 3003. RAL 3003 Ruby Red (Rubinrot) is the same as VW Paint code L36Q Red(Rot).

It has been seen that the VW birth certificate for the Top Joker says the colour is 3003 whilst the sticker under the dashboard and the Service Plan book for a Top Joker states the colour to be L36Q

This is a good way to check if a vehicle is a Top Joker because no other VW Westfalia  T3 would be this colour from the factory.

The interior upholstery was light beige with dark brown dashboard and steering wheel.


















3) Volkswagen Westfalia Top Joker Furniture Specification

Volkswagen Westfalia Top Joker 1 Pop Top Version








The VW Westfalia Top Joker 1 layout consisted of:

1) Combination cupboard 87 cm wide x 45 cm deep on the left behind the drivers seat with sink, two flame cooker with splash plate. The splash plate folds down and can be used to drain dishes after washing. Also the unit has a cutlery draw, a large cupboard for tableware and the fridge.

2) Cupboard unit with integrated freshwater tank.

3) Wardrobe and storage unit over the engine bay.

4) Roof locker below roof bed.

5) Cushion 120 cm wide over the engine bay.

6) 3/4 width rock n roll bed for 2 persons (bed is 188 cm x 120 cm when folded out) with bedding storage area under seat.

7) Rear table on swinging arm (80 cm x 40 cm) with dark brown surface finish and dark brown edging trim.

VW Westfalia Top Joker 1 Interior Photos

The 1986 model year Volkswagen Westfalia Top Joker had beige furniture with dark brown edging and the upholstery was a beige brown material with brown and red squares.





















































Volkswagen Westfalia Top Joker 3 High Top Version















Having the same layout as the Top Joker 1 but with a hightop option.


4) Volkswagen Westfalia Top Joker Upholstery Specification

The 1986 model year Volkswagen Westfalia Top Joker had beige furniture with dark bown edging and the upholstery was light beige brown material with brown and red squares.










The curtains were a matching beige cloth material.










5) Volkswagen Westfalia Top Joker Roof Specification

VW Westfalia Top Joker 1 Pop Top Roof Version:

Fibreglass roof painted to match bodywork colour in red.

Luggage rack over the drivers cab.

Inner lining of roof was a soft flock material.

Canvas had a large opening aperture at the front with a zippable mosquito net.

Fibreglass roof had an opening plastic window (29 cm x 39 cm) with mosquito net and blackout curtain.

Double bed in pop top roof 185 cm x 122 cm.









VW Westfalia Top Joker 3 High top Roof Version:

Fibreglass roof in white.

Large plastic double glazed panorama window at the front.

Insulated with 25 mm insulation.

Two 40 cm x 40 cm  lifting air vent with mosquito net.

Front cupboard locker over drivers cabin.

Double bed in hightop roof 194 cm x 116 cm.

The double bed in both pop top and high top roof had the same beige brown upholstery as the seats. The roof canvas in the pop top was light brown for all 1986 model year Top Jokers









6) Volkswagen  Westfalia Top Joker Flooring and Carpet Specification

The rear floor was a lino type material.








The front carpet in the cab was a tan coloured brown.










7) Volkswagen Westfalia Top Joker Door Trim Specification

On the 1986 Westfalia Top Joker the door trims were dark brown and seat vinyl were beige brown.










Inside sliding door the trim was a beige fibre board material.










8) Volkswagen Westfalia Top Joker Standard Model Specification


Insulated on all inner bodywork in the living area with 25 mm thick mineral fibre plates. Floor area has a plywood sheet with PVC covering. The side walls and roof panels are made from lighter imitation leather.

Windows and Curtains

All Top Joker 1 pop top seem to have single glazed windows in rear (all had sliding windows in sliding door but one did not have sliding window above cooker). All Top Joker 3 high tops seem to have double glazing in rear.

High quality cotton curtains.


220 Volt external hook up with internal outlet socket and safety trip cut out.

63 Amp leisure battery with split charge relay and automatic battery charger.

Two transistor lights 12 Volts 8 Watt (under the storage channel on the left over the kitchen unit).

Freshwater and Wastewater

55 Litre Freshwater tank with electric pump and lockable cap.

20 litre waste water tank under the vehicle.

Gas Equipment

External underbody 8kg LPG tank. The fittings, filler and gas regulator are behind a locking PVC cover.

Eis-ex (gas preheater for extreme cold temperature use), activated when needed.


Combination cupboard 87 cm wide x 45 cm deep on the left behind the drivers seat with sink, 2 flame cooker with splash plate. The splash plate folds down and can be used to drain dishes after washing. Also the unit has a cutlery draw, a large cupboard for tableware and the fridge.

Diode control display system on the kitchen unit showing fresh water tank level, leisure battery charge level and indicator when fridge is running on gas.

Storage rail above kitchen.

Living Area

All furniture is five sheet laminated and 15 mm thick plywood with a beige PVC coating and brown PVC edging. The upholstery is beige brown velour material. The seat rear and side surfaces are  light beige imitation leather.

Rock N Roll Seat / Bed for 2 people in the rear with 120 cm wide upholstered cushion over the engine bay.

Roof locker cupboard above rear seat with shelf accessible from rear tailgate area.

Wardrobe and small cupboard rear left over the engine bay.

Storage unit along the side with 3 stowage areas.

Rotating table (80 cm x 40 cm) on metal arm for rear living area.

Table top and kitchen top surface are finished in dark brown.

Sleeping Area

Double bed when rock n roll bed folded down including cushion over engine bay (188 cm x 120 cm).


42 litre fridge working from 12v, 220v and gas.


All Top Jokers seen so far seem to have Eberspacher 2300 petrol thermostatically controlled night heater with blower installed under the vehicle (uses about 1/4 litre of petrol per hour).


TOP JOKER logos on the outside in ivory colour.

Additional Standard Model Equipment

Front spoiler.

Halogen Headlights.

Laminated glass windscreen.

Westfalia Comfort Seats for driver and passenger.

Attractive upholstery (also for roof bed).

Curtains in material that compliments upholstery.

New colour matched PVC flooring in rear.

Carpet over the front wheel arches inside the cab area.

Storage pocket in drivers door.

Power steering with smaller steering wheel.

Locking glove box.

Clock and speedometer with resettable mileage trip.

Intermittent wipers with automatic wash wipe.

Map reading light.

Four loudspeakers - In the rear there are headphone female connectors. As far as I know this headphone connection socket was only fitted to the Top Joker model so if it is fitted it is also a good indicator that this is a Top Joker model and not a Joker.








Two head rests for rear seat bank.

Cup holder front and rear.


9) Options available at extra cost:

According to the Westfalia staff internal newsletter it was not possible to order any extras for the Top Joker model.

10) Volkswagen Westfalia Top Joker Side Stripes and Logos

VW Westfalia Top Joker side stripes and driver and passenger door decals.






















11) Links to Volkswagen Westfalia Top Joker Sales Brochures (Prospekt) and Price Lists (Preisliste)

VW Westfalia Internal Staff Newsletter

Westfalia Wolfsburg factory internal staff newsletter announcing Top Joker model dated 18/04/86 (with prices). PDF format requires Adobe Reader.

Please note that some of the links take you to an external site called vwpix.org which is an excellent source of sales literature for all versions of VW camper van. Most of the brochures are in German language as this was the main market.

VW Westfalia Top Joker Sales Brochures Prospekt Download

None yet!

VW Westfalia Top Joker Accessories Zubehör Download

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VW Westfalia Top Joker Price Lists Preisliste Download

None yet!.


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